Privacy policy

About the handling of personal information


We are recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, use properly considered social responsibility to protect, assure you that efforts to protect personal information.

(Definition of personal information)

Personal information is information about the person's name, birth date, gender, telephone number, email address, occupation, place of employment and refers to information that can identify a specific individual.

(Collection and use of personal information)

Our company collects, uses and does personal information only in within the limits of it for the following purposes.
When collection and use of the personal information by our company are based on spontaneous offer of a visitor and a visitor was provided with personal information, the visitor should permit that our company used personal information in conformity with this plan.

Business required when we send our ordered goods to you.

Opinion collection for the inquiry from our company which is needed on offer and the performing a task of the information considered for guidance of a new product etc. to be useful and required for a visitor, a check, and the improvement in service.

Various kinds of inquiry correspondences

(Third party offer of personal information)

Without obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself in advance, unless it is based on a just reason, when based on a statute, our company discloses personal information and does not offer it at a third party.

(Supervision of Trustees)

Our shop may offer a part of personal information to an external commission place on the performing a task of providing goods and service to a visitor. In that case, I manage so that an outsourcing place may deal with personal information appropriately.

(Management of personal information)

Our disclosure of personal information, loss, etc. to prevent damage, install a chief privacy officer, working with adequate safety protection, and accurate personal information, and to keep the current ones make appropriate management of personal information entrusted.

(Reference of the contents of information, correction, or deletion)

We will cope immediately after having confirmed that it is the person himself when it is hoped for inquiry of the personal information that a visitor had us provide it, a correction or deletion as far as they are rational.


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